Heavy rains flood several Kingston roads and businesses

There was confusion yesterday in the capital city, Kingston, after approximately two hours of heavy rain turned several roads into waterways and leaving hundreds of motorists stranded.

Sections of Marcus Garvey Drive, Michael Manley Boulevard, Spanish Town Road, and sections of Molynes Road were among the worst affected by flooding.

A forecaster at the Meteorological Service Division, Javed Hudson told us that the rain was as a result of a Surface Trough across the island that produced several intense thunderstorm cells over sections of the Corporate Area. He said, however, that it has since drifted to the western parts of the island and is expected to move further away from the island in the coming days.

Photos obtained from sections Marcus Garvey Drive, Molynes Road and Toyota Jamaica on Spanish Town Road yesterday evening indicated that a number of motorists were stuck in traffic, while others sought alternative routes to avoid the congestion along the main corridors. Pedestrians, meanwhile, had to become very creative in order to navigate across some roads.

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