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Jamaica Weather is an established website that targets internet audience both locally and abroad who are seeking weather-related information for Jamaica. Here you’ll find the latest general forecast, storm watch updates, marine forecast, satellite pictures, radar images or just about everything weather-related that you can think of.

Whether you are vacationing or just looking for general information about the forecast. This island is a paradise of perfect beaches, vibrant cultures and exciting adventures with five-star hotels and restaurants. This beautiful island is the place to stay while you on your perfect Caribbean vacation and knowing the weather before you go is essential.

Latest Posts
  • Small Craft Warning
    A SMALL CRAFT WARNING IS NOW IN EFFECT August 12, 2020 A High-Pressure Ridge across the northwestern Atlantic coupled with a surface trough across the western Caribbean will influence weather conditions across the region over the next day or two. The forecast is for strong winds and rough seas to […] Read More
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  • 2020 could be among the warmest years on record
    Caribbean, Climate, Drought, Heat Stress, Jamaica
    June 2020 ties as the warmest and one of the driest months on record. It’s been more than a decade since the planet has had a cooler-than-average June overall and 2020 was no exception. Although the general public’s attention is consumed by fear over the global pandemic and protests against […] Read More
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  • A surge of Saharan dust from the Sahara Desert has reached the Eastern Caribbean
    Dust, Heat Stress, Hurricane, Jamaica, Poor air quality, Saharan Dust
    This outbreak of dust is expected to reach the Western Caribbean and parts of Jamaica by early next week. Commonly known as the Saharan Air Layer (SAL), this dry dust generally forms during the late spring through early fall months and moves across the Tropical Atlantic Ocean over a three to five […] Read More

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