Storm Watch



The hurricane season in Jamaica officially runs from June 1 to November 30. The Caribbean and the Atlantic region generally experience few or no storms during the first two months (June and July) of the season. However, the latter portion of the season is regarded as the most active part of the season. The most active months are September and October. This is also Jamaica’s primary rainy season, with monthly average rainfall generally exceeding 200 mm.

During the hurricane season, we provided accurate and early forecasting of storms and their impact on the region. The island weather service also issues adequate warning messages, so that the necessary precautions can be taken. However, if you are heading to Jamaica during the hurricane season for that perfect Caribbean vacations, you should always visit our web site Jamaica Weather for the latest storm forecast.


Extended Range Forecast for Atlantic Hurricane Season

Forecast Parameters
Average 1981-2010
April 2021
Named Storms 12 17  
Named Storm Days 60.1 80  
Hurricanes 6.5 8  
Hurricane Days 21.3 35  
Major Hurricanes 2.0 4  
Major Hurricane Days 3.9 9  


Tropical Atlantic storm names to be used from 2021 thru to 2026

Ana Alex Arlene Alberto Andrea Arthur
Bill Bonnie Bret Beryl Barry Bertha
Claudette Colin Cindy Chris Chantal Cristobal
Danny Danielle Don Debby Dorian Dolly
Elsa Earl Emily Ernesto Erin Edouard
Fred Fiona Franklin Francine Fernand Fay
Grace Gaston Gert Gordon Gabrielle Gonzalo
Henri Hermine Harold Helene Humberto Hanna
Ida Ian Idalia Isaac Imelda Isaias
Julian Julia Jose Joyce Jerry Josephine
Kate Karl Katia Kirk Karen Kyle
Larry Lisa Lee Leslie Lorenzo Laura
Mindy Martin Margot Milton Melissa Marco
Nicholas Nicole Nigel Nadine Nestor Nana
Odette Owen Ophelia Oscar Olga Omar
Peter Paula Philippe Patty Pablo Paulette
Rose Richard Rina Rafael Rebekah Rene
Sam Shary Sean Sara Sebastien Sally
Teresa Tobias Tammy Tony Tanya Teddy
Victor Virginie Vince Valerie Van Vicky
Wanda Walter Whitney William Wendy Wilfred