Disturbance near the southern tip of Florida could become the first tropical system of the season

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is watching an area of disturbed weather just of the southern tip of Florida. Forecasters are predicting that this system could become the first named tropical system of the 2020 hurricane season, by as early as this weekend. Although the start of the official hurricane season is a little over two weeks away, it is surely shaping up to be a very active season from the looks of things.

The National Hurricane Center indicated that this system now as an 80% chance of tropical development over the next five days and a 70% chance over the next 48 hours. Based on historical records from the NHC, a tropical cyclone has formed before the start of the official hurricane season over the last five consecutive year.

If this system developed into a tropical storm the name of it would be Arthur, the first name on this year’s Atlantic hurricane list.

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