Increased Rainfall Expected for Jamaica


A persistent Trough across the central Caribbean is expected to remain in the vicinity of the island throughout the week.

The projections are therefore for periods of showers and with occasional thunderstorms, which may be heavy at times, to affect sections of most parishes especially during the afternoons. Therefore, flash flooding is possible over low-lying and flood-prone areas of the eastern and central parishes.

Also, Fishers and other marine operators are urged to exercise caution as sea conditions will deteriorate in the vicinity of showers and thunderstorms.

We will continue to monitor the situation, however, we invite you to share your thoughts and ideas.



16 Comments on “Increased Rainfall Expected for Jamaica”

  1. Moderate to heavy rains have been affecting Eastern Hanover since 2 pm today and up to the time of this comment at 4:50 pm to rain was still falling, but it was light in nature.

    1. Thanks for this information, this confirm what we were seeing on the radar and satellite images.

  2. Heavy rains lashed the second city of Montego Bay today, the heavy rains started from about 11a.m and lasted into the afternoon.

  3. Montego Bay had light to moderate rains for most of today, the rains started from about 12pm and when i left Montego Bay at about 5:30 pm it was still raining.
    In eastern Hanover, they had moderate to heavy rains today, the rains started from about 1:30pm and ended at about 8:30pm.

  4. Yesterday in Montego Bay there was moderate to heavy rains. It started from about 11:50am through to about 1:30pm. And it then remained mostly cloudy for the remainder of the day along with very light rain from time to time.

  5. Heavy Rains and at times very heavy afternoon rains lashed eastern Hanover today the first day of the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season, there were lots of water on the roads in Eastern Hanover.
    Also in Montego bay there were moderate rains that affected some parts of the second city today, while other parts of Montego Bay had light rain. These rains came off the hills and made it into Montego

  6. So as i said yesterday heavy rains lashed eastern Hanover, we actually had 35 millimeters of rain yesterday, while some other places in Eastern Hanover had around 40 millimeters.
    Mount Peto was the area that recorded the 35 millimeters of rain yesterday.
    So far today it has been a partly sunny to partly cloudy Sunday in Eastern Hanover.

  7. The 2019 Hurricane Season for the Atlantic, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico started yesterday June 1 and just a reminder of my prediction that i made on May 22, 2019 and released on May 23, 2019.

    I am predicting 15 to 18 named storms, 8 to 11 Hurricanes and 4 to 7 Major Hurricanes.

  8. 1. Some of the factors and signals that I have been observing since march going into May is warmer than normal sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic and in the Caribbean.

    2. Also, the sea surface temperatures in the Caribbean and Atlantic has been warmer than it was last year this time and i expect the water temperatures to grow warmer by July into August.

    3 I expect a continuation of the lighter or weaker surface trade winds across the Atlantic and Caribbean. More moisture is at the mid level of the atmosphere which is at 500 mb or roughly 18,000 feet.

  9. 4. There will be favorable and more conducive vertical wind shear that will aid in storm and rain development. There will be more vertical instability which means more upward motion.

    5. There is weak El Nino conditions in place in the pacific which could transition in neutral conditions going into July and August. I expect lower surface pressure across the Atlantic and the Caribbean.

    *In 2018, I predicted 12 to 15 named storms and actually we had 15 storms developing. There were also 8 hurricanes that developed and only 2 major hurricanes that evolved.

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