Morant Bay

Morant Bay Monthly Climate Data

Morant Bay’s rainfall pattern consists of two peak periods with higher values of rainfall and corresponding periods of lower rainfall amounts. The primary peak occurs in October and the secondary in June. The lowest amounts are at a minimum during the period of February to March. This is based on long term reports and deviations from this pattern do occur year to year. The hottest temperatures generally occur between the months of May and October.

The general monthly temperatures range between 23 and 31 degrees Celsius, however, a fluctuation between temperatures throughout the day must be taken into consideration.  Mornings tend to be the coolest time of day, with little or no rainfall. While late morning through late afternoon experiences a rise in temperature, with occasional showers with the peak hitting in the mid-afternoon.  Early evening into night generally brings cooler temperatures with little or no rainfall.

The following chart shows the average monthly high and low temperatures as well as the average monthly rainfall amount for the Morant Bay area.

Morant Bay average monthly temperatures & rainfall amount
Month High (ºC) Low (ºC) Rainfall (mm)
January 28 23 84
February 28 23 61
March 29 23 63
April 29 24 90
May 30 24 145
June 30 25 174
July 30 24 126
August 31 24 165
September 31 25 248
October 30 24 293
November 29 24 216
December 28 24 106